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Function-based Support

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What is Function-Based support?

(Sugai, 2007)

  • Foundations in behavioral theory, applied behavior analysis, and positive behavior support
  • Attention to environmental context
  • Emphasis on function of behavior
  • Focus on teaching effective, efficient and relevant behaviors
  • Attention to behavior of implementers


Functional Approach Logic 

(Sugai, 2007)

  • Behaviors are maintained by consequence events (function)
    • Positive or negative reinforcement 
  • Behaviors are occassioned by antecedent events
    • Relate antecedent to occurrence of behavior and likelihood of consequence event
  • Changing behaviors requires consideration of maintaining consequences 


Intro to Function-Based Support Module

  • Click on the name above to watch the Function-Based Support module.  It is about 17:21 to watch.  
  • There is an activity sheet embedded within the module, or you can download it from here:  Function-Based Support Activity Sheet


Practical FBA - Coming Soon! 



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